Testing Out Mindfulness

Mindfulness is in. What began as a form of Buddhist meditation has now been picked up by the mainstream, with even the NHS recommending it as a treatment for mental health conditions. It seems like everyone and their gran is preaching the benefits of switching off and finding your inner peace. So qmunicate challenged 5 of our contributors to take a break from their stressful lives of lectures, essays and making the best magazine in Glasgow. Here they report back on the challenges and benefits of the latest craze in mental wellbeing.

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Avocado, avocadon’t? Is Clean Eating Falling Out of Favour?

Is the “clean eating” lifestyle going out of fashion? KFC announced a clean-eating burger, only to reveal that it was a marketing scheme to build excitement for a new Dirty menu. This contrast of “clean” with “dirty” in the context of food has been a central part of the “clean eating” trend’s criticism. Moreover, it gained notoriety through uneducated promotors giving nutritional advice to a large community without having anything but personal experience to back it up. Unfortunately, for many people this trend ended in orthorexia nervosa, a fixation on the right food and in lack of nutrients. Therefore, many people, even its once-faithful followers are welcoming this “food cult” leaving the spotlight.

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Dominatrix Comes Out On Top

Hamburg honours late sex workers’ activist

Domenica Niehoff, Germany’s most famous prostitute and activist for sex worker’s rights, who died in 2009, is to have a street named in her honour. Alongside Ms. Niehoff, there are nine other women after whom 10 streets in Hamburg are to be named, as a part of the city’s initiative to give more recognition to women.

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Arts Review: Bluebeard’s Castle and The 8th Door

Dir. Matthew Lenton, Theatre Royal, 28th March – 1st April

Scottish Opera’s has joined forces with theatre company Vanishing Point for a double bill including The 8th Door, a completely new work by Lliam Paterson and Matthew Lenton written especially for this occasion, and Béla Bartók’s Bluebeard’s Castle.

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Sharia Councils Inquiries

Two controversial government inquiries are being made in the services provided by Sharia councils in the UK, and have been met with criticism by some Muslim women. There are around 30 Sharia councils in Britain, which are tribunals where religious scholars use Islamic laws to resolve domestic problems or social dilemmas. A large part of marriages within the Islamic community are religious-only, without having legal validity, thus the only necessary divorce is the religious one. Additionally, in cases of civil-and-religious marriages, one’s community might not accept the end of marriage without also obtaining a religious divorce.

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