What Is Pretty Vee Net Worth

Title: What Is Pretty Vee Net Worth: Exploring the Rising Star’s Journey to Success


In this article, we delve into the fascinating world of Pretty Vee, an emerging talent in the entertainment industry. Known for her infectious personality and versatile skills, Pretty Vee has captured the hearts of many fans. This article explores her net worth, along with interesting facts about her life, career, and accomplishments. Additionally, we address frequently asked questions about her personal life, providing a comprehensive overview of this rising star.

Net Worth and Career:

As of 2023, Pretty Vee’s estimated net worth is around $1.5 million. Her wealth predominantly stems from her flourishing career in entertainment, including her work as a comedian, actor, and social media personality. With her undeniable talent and relentless drive, Pretty Vee has become one of the most sought-after stars in the industry.

Seven Interesting Facts about Pretty Vee:

1. Early Life and Education: Born on November 12, 1989, in Miami, Florida, Pretty Vee’s real name is Vena Excell. She attended Miami Central High School, where her comedic skills first began to shine. Excell later pursued her education at Bethune-Cookman University, majoring in mass communications.

2. Social Media Stardom: Pretty Vee’s rise to fame can largely be attributed to her captivating presence on social media platforms. She gained significant popularity on Instagram, where her hilarious skits and infectious personality amassed millions of followers.

3. BET Breakthrough: Pretty Vee’s talent caught the attention of BET, leading to her inclusion in the cast of the hit television series “Wild ‘N Out” in 2018. Her remarkable performances on the show quickly propelled her into the spotlight, solidifying her status as a rising star.

4. Music Career: Not limited to comedy, Pretty Vee has also ventured into the music industry. She released her debut single, “Baddie Baddie,” in 2019, which garnered positive reviews and further expanded her fan base.

5. Acting Ventures: Pretty Vee’s versatility extends to the silver screen, as she has taken on acting roles in various films and television shows. Her talent and dedication have earned her roles in productions such as “How High 2” and “Tales.”

6. Entrepreneurial Pursuits: Beyond entertainment, Pretty Vee has embraced her entrepreneurial spirit. She launched her own cosmetic line, “Vena Excell Beauty,” offering high-quality makeup products for her fans.

7. Philanthropic Work: Pretty Vee is committed to giving back to her community. She actively participates in charity events and engages with her fans to raise awareness about important causes.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pretty Vee:

1. How old is Pretty Vee?

Pretty Vee was born on November 12, 1989, making her 33 years old as of 2023.

2. How tall is Pretty Vee?

Pretty Vee stands at a height of 5 feet 2 inches (157 cm).

3. What is Pretty Vee’s weight?

As of the latest available information, Pretty Vee’s weight is approximately 135 pounds (61 kg).

4. Is Pretty Vee married?

As of 2023, Pretty Vee has not publicly disclosed her marital status, indicating that her current relationship status remains private.

5. Does Pretty Vee have any children?

There is no publicly available information regarding Pretty Vee having any children.

6. How did Pretty Vee gain popularity on social media?

Pretty Vee’s comedic skits, infectious personality, and relatable content on Instagram contributed to her rise in popularity on social media platforms.

7. What other television shows has Pretty Vee appeared on?

Apart from “Wild ‘N Out,” Pretty Vee has appeared in television shows such as “Tales” and “How High 2.”

8. Has Pretty Vee released any music?

Yes, Pretty Vee released her debut single, “Baddie Baddie,” in 2019.

9. What is Pretty Vee’s cosmetic line called?

Pretty Vee launched her own cosmetic line called “Vena Excell Beauty.”

10. What philanthropic work does Pretty Vee engage in?

Pretty Vee actively participates in charity events and raises awareness about important causes.

11. Does Pretty Vee have any upcoming projects?

For the latest information on Pretty Vee’s upcoming projects, it is recommended to follow her on social media or check official news sources.

12. What is Pretty Vee’s Instagram handle?

Pretty Vee’s Instagram handle is @yesimprettyvee.

13. Where can I find Pretty Vee’s music?

Pretty Vee’s music can be found on major streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

14. How can I contact Pretty Vee for business inquiries?

For business inquiries, it is recommended to reach out to Pretty Vee’s management team or publicist via their official contact information.


Pretty Vee’s journey from social media sensation to a multi-talented entertainer is truly inspiring. With her infectious charm, comedic prowess, and entrepreneurial spirit, she has achieved remarkable success. As her net worth continues to grow, Pretty Vee’s bright future in the entertainment industry seems assured. Keep an eye on this rising star as she continues to captivate audiences with her talent and unwavering determination.

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