Who Is Anthony Padilla Dating

Title: Who Is Anthony Padilla Dating? 7 Interesting Facts Revealed in 2023


Anthony Padilla, a popular American YouTube personality and content creator, has captured the hearts of millions with his engaging videos and infectious humor. As a prominent figure in the online community, fans are often curious about his personal life, particularly his dating life. In this article, we will delve into the much-discussed topic of who Anthony Padilla is dating in 2023, along with seven interesting facts about his current relationship.

Who Is Anthony Padilla Dating in 2023?

Anthony Padilla is currently dating Miel Bredouw, a talented comedian, writer, and fellow YouTuber. The couple’s relationship began in 2021 and has blossomed into a strong bond, admired by their fans and followers alike. Let’s explore some intriguing facts about Anthony Padilla’s relationship with Miel Bredouw.

Interesting Facts about Anthony Padilla’s Relationship:

1. Shared Passion for Comedy: Both Padilla and Bredouw have a shared love for comedy, which has not only brought them together but also serves as a foundation for their relationship. Their comedic chemistry can be witnessed in the collaborative videos they create on their respective YouTube channels.

2. Supportive Partners: Anthony and Miel have been vocal about supporting each other’s creative endeavors. They frequently collaborate on projects and often feature in each other’s videos, showcasing their unwavering support and shared enthusiasm for their work.

3. Mutual Respect: The couple’s relationship is built upon mutual respect and admiration. They appreciate each other’s talents, creativity, and individuality, allowing for a healthy and nurturing partnership.

4. Private Lives: Although both Anthony and Miel are public figures, they value their privacy. They maintain a balance between sharing aspects of their relationship with their fans and keeping intimate moments private, ensuring a sense of normalcy in their lives.

5. Adventure Enthusiasts: Anthony and Miel share a love for exploration and adventure. Their social media accounts often feature snapshots of their travels and outdoor escapades, highlighting their shared love for new experiences.

6. Similar Values: Both Padilla and Bredouw are known for their advocacy and support for various social causes. Their shared passion for making a positive impact on the world further strengthens their bond and demonstrates their common values.

7. Genuine Connection: Above all, Anthony Padilla and Miel Bredouw’s relationship is characterized by a deep and genuine connection, grounded in their ability to understand and uplift each other. Their bond is built on trust, honesty, and a shared sense of humor.

Common Questions about Anthony Padilla’s Dating Life:

1. What is Anthony Padilla’s age?

Anthony Padilla was born on September 16, 1987, making him 35 years old in 2023.

2. How tall is Anthony Padilla?

Anthony Padilla stands at an approximate height of 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm).

3. What is Anthony Padilla’s weight?

As of 2023, Anthony Padilla’s weight is estimated to be around 165 pounds (75 kg).

4. Is Anthony Padilla married?

No, Anthony Padilla is not married.

5. Who was Anthony Padilla’s previous girlfriend?

Before dating Miel Bredouw, Anthony Padilla was in a relationship with Kalel Cullen, a fellow YouTuber.

6. When did Anthony Padilla and Miel Bredouw start dating?

Anthony Padilla and Miel Bredouw began dating in 2021.

7. Does Anthony Padilla have any children?

As of 2023, Anthony Padilla does not have any children.

8. How did Anthony Padilla and Miel Bredouw meet?

Anthony Padilla and Miel Bredouw met through mutual friends in the YouTube community.

9. Do Anthony Padilla and Miel Bredouw collaborate on YouTube?

Yes, Anthony Padilla and Miel Bredouw frequently collaborate on YouTube, creating entertaining content together.

10. Are Anthony Padilla and Miel Bredouw engaged?

As of 2023, there is no public information suggesting that Anthony Padilla and Miel Bredouw are engaged.

11. Where do Anthony Padilla and Miel Bredouw live?

Anthony Padilla and Miel Bredouw reside in Los Angeles, California.

12. What are some of Anthony Padilla’s and Miel Bredouw’s favorite activities as a couple?

As adventure enthusiasts, Anthony Padilla and Miel Bredouw enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, traveling, and exploring new places.

13. Do Anthony Padilla and Miel Bredouw share a similar sense of humor?

Yes, Anthony Padilla and Miel Bredouw share a similar sense of humor, which is evident in their collaborative videos and social media posts.

14. Are Anthony Padilla and Miel Bredouw planning to work on any future projects together?

While specific future projects have not been disclosed, their consistent collaboration suggests that Anthony Padilla and Miel Bredouw will likely continue to work together on various creative ventures.


Anthony Padilla’s relationship with Miel Bredouw has been a source of joy and inspiration for their fans. Their shared passion for comedy, mutual support, and genuine connection have made their partnership a thriving one. As they continue to embark on new adventures together, their followers eagerly anticipate the entertaining content they create and the positive impact they make both individually and as a couple.

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