Who Is John Forces 1st Wife?

Title: Who is John Force’s First Wife? Unveiling the Woman Behind the Legend


John Force, the iconic American drag racer, has captivated motorsports enthusiasts worldwide with his unparalleled achievements. While his professional career has garnered significant attention, the personal aspects of his life often remain shrouded in mystery. In this article, we delve into the life of John Force’s first wife, shedding light on the woman who stood by his side during his rise to fame. Let’s explore seven intriguing facts about her and answer some commonly asked questions about their relationship.

1. Her Name and Background:

John Force’s first wife is Laurie Force (formerly Laurie Christman), a remarkable woman who provided unwavering support to the legendary drag racer. Born on May 17, 1949, Laurie hails from Southern California, where she and John initially crossed paths.

2. Marriage and Family Life:

Laurie and John Force tied the knot in 1966, embracing a life full of dreams and aspirations. Their marriage flourished for several years, and together they welcomed three daughters: Adria, Ashley, and Brittany Force. Despite their eventual separation, Laurie continued to be an integral part of the Force family.

3. Influence on John’s Career:

Laurie played a vital role in shaping John Force’s career as a drag racer. She became a significant source of support during his early struggles, providing the emotional and financial backing necessary to pursue his passion. Laurie’s encouragement undoubtedly played a pivotal role in John’s rise to prominence.

4. Life after Separation:

After their separation, Laurie chose to maintain a private life away from the public eye. She focused on raising their three daughters, fostering an environment of love and support. Laurie’s dedication to her family remained unwavering, ensuring a strong foundation for her daughters’ success in various fields.

5. Professional Accomplishments:

While Laurie Force’s accomplishments may not have garnered the same level of attention as her ex-husband’s, she deserves recognition for her significant contributions to the family’s success. By supporting John’s racing career and nurturing their children, Laurie played an indispensable role in their collective achievements.

6. Personal Interests and Hobbies:

Laurie Force has always valued her privacy, making it challenging to discern her specific hobbies or interests. However, given her dedication to her family, it is safe to assume that spending quality time with her loved ones tops her list of priorities.

7. Current Status:

As of 2023, Laurie Force’s current status remains undisclosed. While she may have chosen to stay out of the public eye, her legacy as a devoted wife and mother will forever be intertwined with John Force’s illustrious career.

Common Questions:

1. Are John Force and Laurie Force still married?

No, John Force and Laurie Force separated after years of marriage. However, they maintain a cordial relationship for the sake of their family.

2. How many children do John and Laurie Force have?

Laurie and John Force have three daughters: Adria, Ashley, and Brittany Force.

3. What is Laurie Force’s age?

Laurie Force was born on May 17, 1949. As of 2023, she would be 74 years old.

4. What is Laurie Force’s height and weight?

As this information is not publicly available, Laurie Force’s height and weight remain unknown.

5. Did Laurie Force have any involvement in racing?

Laurie’s involvement in racing was primarily through her unwavering support for John Force’s career. She played a significant role in his success, providing emotional and financial backing.

6. Is Laurie Force active on social media?

No, Laurie Force does not maintain a public presence on social media platforms.

7. Does Laurie Force still attend racing events?

As her current status is undisclosed, it is unknown whether Laurie Force attends racing events.

8. Did Laurie Force remarry after her separation from John Force?

There is no public information regarding Laurie Force’s marital status following her separation from John Force.

9. How did Laurie and John Force meet?

Laurie and John Force met in Southern California, although the specific details of their initial encounter are not widely known.

10. What is Laurie Force’s occupation?

Laurie Force dedicated her time to raising her daughters following her separation from John Force.

11. Does Laurie Force have any siblings?

Information about Laurie Force’s siblings is not available publicly.

12. Is Laurie Force involved in any philanthropic activities?

While there is no public information about Laurie Force’s involvement in philanthropy, her commitment to her family suggests a compassionate nature.

13. How did Laurie and John Force’s separation affect their daughters?

The details of their separation’s impact on their daughters remain private. However, the Force family’s strong bond indicates that they navigated the situation with love and support.

14. Does Laurie Force maintain contact with her ex-husband and daughters?

Yes, Laurie Force maintains a cordial relationship with John Force and continues to be involved in her daughters’ lives.


Laurie Force’s influence on John Force’s life and career cannot be understated. As his first wife, she provided unwavering support during his early struggles, allowing him to pursue his passion for drag racing. While Laurie may prefer to remain out of the public eye, her role as a dedicated wife and mother will always be cherished. Her legacy lies not only in her association with John Force but also in the love and support she provided for their daughters, who continue to make their own mark on the world.

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