Who Is Mayeli Alonso Dating

Title: Who Is Mayeli Alonso Dating? Exploring the Life of a Prominent Personality


Mayeli Alonso is a well-known figure in the entertainment industry, renowned for her diverse talents as a singer, entrepreneur, and social media influencer. While her professional achievements have garnered significant attention, her personal life has often piqued the curiosity of fans and followers. In this article, we will delve into Mayeli Alonso’s dating life, shedding light on her current relationship status and providing interesting facts about her journey thus far.

Who Is Mayeli Alonso Dating? 7 Interesting Facts:

1. Current Relationship Status:

As of 2024, Mayeli Alonso is happily single, focusing on her professional endeavors and personal growth. While she has been in relationships in the past, she is currently not romantically involved with anyone.

2. Divorce from Lupillo Rivera:

Mayeli Alonso was previously married to renowned Mexican-American singer Lupillo Rivera. The couple tied the knot in 2008 but later separated, finalizing their divorce in 2018. The reasons for their separation were not publicly disclosed.

3. Entrepreneurial Ventures:

Apart from her career in the entertainment industry, Mayeli Alonso has established herself as a successful entrepreneur. She founded her own beauty and cosmetic line called “M Makeup” and owns a boutique called “La Bella Mafia” in Culiacán, Mexico.

4. Social Media Influencer:

With a massive following on social media, Mayeli Alonso has become a prominent influencer. Her Instagram account (@mayelialonsooficial) boasts millions of followers, and she uses the platform to share updates on her personal and professional life.

5. Collaborations and Performances:

Mayeli Alonso has collaborated with several artists and performers, further expanding her reach in the entertainment industry. She has been featured in numerous music videos, showcasing her diverse talents as a singer and performer.

6. Philanthropic Work:

Beyond her professional endeavors, Mayeli Alonso is actively involved in philanthropic work. She supports various charitable causes and often raises awareness about social issues on her social media platforms.

7. Personal Growth and Empowerment:

Mayeli Alonso has been vocal about her personal growth journey, emphasizing the importance of self-love and empowerment. Through her experiences, she inspires her followers to pursue their dreams, overcome obstacles, and embrace their individuality.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is Mayeli Alonso’s age?

As of 2024, Mayeli Alonso is 37 years old.

2. How tall is Mayeli Alonso?

Mayeli Alonso stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm).

3. What is Mayeli Alonso’s weight?

Mayeli Alonso’s weight is not publicly disclosed as it is considered irrelevant to her professional accomplishments.

4. Does Mayeli Alonso have any children?

Yes, Mayeli Alonso has two children from her previous marriage to Lupillo Rivera.

5. Is Mayeli Alonso currently dating anyone?

No, Mayeli Alonso is currently single and focused on her career and personal growth.

6. What are Mayeli Alonso’s entrepreneurial ventures?

Mayeli Alonso owns a beauty and cosmetic line called “M Makeup” and also operates a boutique named “La Bella Mafia” in Culiacán, Mexico.

7. How did Mayeli Alonso gain popularity on social media?

Mayeli Alonso’s social media popularity grew through her involvement in the entertainment industry, her entrepreneurial ventures, and her candid posts about her personal life and journey.

8. Has Mayeli Alonso won any awards for her music?

While Mayeli Alonso has not won any major music awards, her collaborations and performances have garnered significant recognition within the industry.

9. What causes does Mayeli Alonso support through her philanthropic work?

Mayeli Alonso actively supports various charitable causes, including those related to women’s empowerment, education, and children’s welfare.

10. Is Mayeli Alonso planning to release new music in the future?

While there are no official announcements regarding new music releases, Mayeli Alonso continues to explore her passion for music and may surprise her fans with future projects.

11. Does Mayeli Alonso have any siblings?

Information regarding Mayeli Alonso’s siblings is not publicly available.

12. What is Mayeli Alonso’s favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur?

Mayeli Alonso enjoys the creative process of developing new beauty products and fashion trends, as well as the opportunity to connect with her customers through her boutique.

13. How does Mayeli Alonso maintain a work-life balance?

Mayeli Alonso prioritizes self-care and ensures she spends quality time with her children and loved ones. She believes in setting boundaries and managing her time efficiently.

14. What advice does Mayeli Alonso have for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Mayeli Alonso encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to believe in themselves, be persistent, and embrace failure as a learning opportunity. She emphasizes the importance of passion, dedication, and surrounding oneself with a supportive network.


Mayeli Alonso’s journey in the entertainment industry and her entrepreneurial ventures have captivated audiences worldwide. While she is currently single, Mayeli continues to inspire her followers through her personal growth, philanthropic work, and entrepreneurial achievements. With her boundless talent and unwavering determination, Mayeli Alonso remains an influential figure in the entertainment industry.

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