Who Is Nancy Lopez Married To

Title: Nancy Lopez: A Golfing Legend and her Journey with Love


Nancy Lopez is a renowned American professional golfer who left an indelible mark on the sport during her illustrious career. Apart from her exceptional golfing skills, fans often wonder about her personal life, particularly her marriage. In this article, we will delve into Nancy Lopez’s married life, explore interesting facts about her, and answer some common questions surrounding her relationships and personal details.

Marriage: Who is Nancy Lopez married to?

Nancy Lopez is married to Ed Russell, whom she tied the knot with in 1979. Ed Russell, a former baseball player, and Nancy met during a celebrity golf tournament. Their relationship blossomed, leading to a beautiful union that has stood the test of time.

7 Interesting Facts about Nancy Lopez:

1. Golfing Prodigy: Nancy Lopez began playing golf at the age of eight and quickly demonstrated immense talent. By the time she was twelve, she had won her first state amateur championship. Her early success paved the way for a remarkable career.

2. Record-Breaking Debut: In her rookie year on the LPGA Tour in 1978, Nancy Lopez won an incredible nine tournaments, a record that remains unsurpassed. This remarkable achievement earned her fame and established her as one of the greatest golfers of her time.

3. Charismatic Personality: Nancy Lopez’s infectious smile and engaging personality endeared her to fans worldwide. She became a beloved figure in the sport, inspiring many young girls to take up golf.

4. Hall of Fame Induction: Recognizing her exceptional achievements, Nancy Lopez was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 1987. This honor solidified her legacy as one of the most influential figures in women’s golf.

5. Philanthropic Efforts: Throughout her career and beyond, Nancy Lopez has been actively involved in charitable endeavors. She has supported numerous causes, including children’s hospitals, breast cancer research, and organizations promoting women’s golf.

6. Golf Course Design: Following her retirement from professional golf, Nancy Lopez ventured into golf course design. She has collaborated on several projects, leaving her mark on the golfing landscape.

7. Family-Oriented: Nancy Lopez is a proud mother of three daughters: Ashley Marie, Erinn Shea, and Torri Heather. Despite her professional commitments, she has always prioritized her family and embraced the role of a loving wife and mother.

Common Questions about Nancy Lopez:

1. What is Nancy Lopez’s current age in 2023?
Nancy Lopez was born on January 6, 1957, and will be 66 years old in 2023.

2. How tall is Nancy Lopez?
Nancy Lopez stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm).

3. What is Nancy Lopez’s weight?
Nancy Lopez’s weight has fluctuated throughout her career, but she maintained an athletic build. However, precise details about her current weight are not publicly available.

4. When did Nancy Lopez get married?
Nancy Lopez married Ed Russell in 1979, and they have been happily married for over four decades.

5. Who is Nancy Lopez’s spouse?
Nancy Lopez’s spouse is Ed Russell, a former baseball player.

6. How many children does Nancy Lopez have?
Nancy Lopez has three daughters: Ashley Marie, Erinn Shea, and Torri Heather.

7. What records did Nancy Lopez hold in her career?
Nancy Lopez’s most notable record is winning nine tournaments in her rookie year, a feat unmatched in the history of the LPGA Tour.

8. When did Nancy Lopez retire from professional golf?
Nancy Lopez retired from professional golf in 2003, leaving behind a remarkable legacy.

9. Has Nancy Lopez won any major championships?
Yes, Nancy Lopez won three major championships during her career: the Women’s PGA Championship in 1978 and 1985, and the LPGA Championship in 1980.

10. Is Nancy Lopez still involved in golf-related activities?
While Nancy Lopez is no longer active as a professional golfer, she remains involved in the sport through golf course design and other related endeavors.

11. What honors has Nancy Lopez received for her contributions to golf?
Apart from her induction into the World Golf Hall of Fame, Nancy Lopez has been honored with numerous awards, including the Bob Jones Award and the Francis Ouimet Award.

12. What is Nancy Lopez’s net worth?
As of 2023, Nancy Lopez’s net worth is estimated to be around $10 million, amassed through her successful golfing career and various business ventures.

13. How has Nancy Lopez contributed to the growth of women’s golf?
Nancy Lopez’s incredible success and charismatic personality helped popularize women’s golf, attracting new audiences and inspiring countless girls to pursue the sport.

14. Does Nancy Lopez participate in any philanthropic activities?
Yes, Nancy Lopez has actively participated in charitable initiatives throughout her life, supporting causes such as children’s hospitals, breast cancer research, and women’s golf organizations.


Nancy Lopez’s professional achievements are widely celebrated, but her enduring marriage to Ed Russell showcases her success beyond the golf course. As a loving wife and mother, Nancy Lopez has balanced her personal life with her passion for golf, leaving an indelible mark on both fronts. Her legacy as a golfing legend and her commitment to philanthropy continue to inspire generations to come.

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