Who Is Peter Macnicol Married To?

Title: Who Is Peter MacNicol Married To? 7 Fascinating Facts about the Renowned Actor


Peter MacNicol is a celebrated American actor known for his versatile performances across film, television, and stage. With a career spanning over four decades, MacNicol has captivated audiences with his remarkable talent. While his professional life has been widely documented, his personal life, particularly his marital status, has often remained a subject of curiosity. In this article, we explore the intriguing details about Peter MacNicol’s marriage and delve into some interesting facts about his life.

7 Interesting Facts about Peter MacNicol:

1. MacNicol’s Marriage:

As of 2023, Peter MacNicol is not married. While he has not tied the knot, his personal life has been kept relatively private, leaving fans curious about his relationships and romantic interests.

2. Early Life and Career:

Born on April 10, 1954, in Dallas, Texas, MacNicol developed an early passion for acting. He graduated from the University of Dallas with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1975 and later pursued his Master of Fine Arts in Theater from the Yale School of Drama. MacNicol’s breakthrough came when he played the iconic role of Janosz Poha in the 1989 film “Ghostbusters II.”

3. Emmy Award-Winning Performance:

MacNicol’s exceptional acting skills were recognized with an Emmy Award in 2001 for his portrayal of John Cage on the hit television series “Ally McBeal.” His portrayal of the socially awkward yet endearing lawyer earned him critical acclaim and a loyal fan base.

4. Broad Range of Roles:

Throughout his career, MacNicol has showcased his versatility by portraying a wide range of characters. From comedic roles in “Ally McBeal” and “Veep” to dramatic performances in “Chicago Hope” and “Grey’s Anatomy,” he has consistently delivered captivating performances, cementing his status as a respected actor.

5. Notable Filmography:

In addition to his television success, MacNicol has made notable contributions to the film industry. Some of his memorable roles include Stingo in “Sophie’s Choice” (1982), Dr. Stark in “Bean” (1997), and Professor Jonathan Keating in “Dead Poets Society” (1989), among others.

6. Voice Acting:

MacNicol has also lent his distinctive voice to various animated projects, adding depth and character to his performances. He voiced the character of Dr. Simon Bar Sinister in the animated film “Underdog” (2007) and lent his voice to the character of Uncle Albert in the animated series “Harvey Beaks” (2015-2017).

7. Stage Performances:

Beyond his on-screen endeavors, MacNicol has an extensive background in theater. He has performed in numerous stage productions, including the acclaimed play “Crimes of the Heart” and the Shakespearean tragedy “Hamlet.” His stage presence and ability to captivate audiences have earned him widespread recognition in the theater world.

14 Common Questions about Peter MacNicol (2023):

1. What is Peter MacNicol’s age?

Peter MacNicol was born on April 10, 1954, which makes him 69 years old as of 2023.

2. How tall is Peter MacNicol?

Peter MacNicol stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm) tall.

3. What is Peter MacNicol’s weight?

As of 2023, Peter MacNicol’s weight is not publicly known.

4. Is Peter MacNicol married?

No, Peter MacNicol is not married.

5. Has Peter MacNicol ever been married?

No, there is no record of Peter MacNicol having been married in the past.

6. Does Peter MacNicol have any children?

No, Peter MacNicol does not have any children.

7. What is Peter MacNicol’s most famous role?

Peter MacNicol’s most famous role is arguably his portrayal of John Cage on the television series “Ally McBeal.”

8. Has Peter MacNicol won any awards?

Yes, Peter MacNicol won an Emmy Award in 2001 for his role in “Ally McBeal.”

9. Is Peter MacNicol active on social media?

As of 2023, Peter MacNicol does not have any official social media accounts.

10. What other TV shows has Peter MacNicol appeared in?

Apart from “Ally McBeal,” Peter MacNicol has appeared in TV shows such as “Veep,” “Chicago Hope,” and “Grey’s Anatomy,” among others.

11. Which movies has Peter MacNicol starred in?

Peter MacNicol has starred in movies such as “Ghostbusters II,” “Sophie’s Choice,” “Bean,” and “Dead Poets Society,” among others.

12. Has Peter MacNicol done any voice acting?

Yes, Peter MacNicol has lent his voice to characters in animated projects such as “Underdog” and “Harvey Beaks.”

13. What is Peter MacNicol’s theater background?

Peter MacNicol has an extensive theater background, having performed in plays like “Crimes of the Heart” and “Hamlet.”

14. What is Peter MacNicol currently working on?

As of 2023, information about Peter MacNicol’s current projects is not publicly available.


Peter MacNicol’s talent and versatility as an actor have made him a beloved figure in the entertainment industry. While he has not been married, his personal life remains relatively private. With numerous memorable performances under his belt, MacNicol continues to leave a lasting impression on audiences through his exceptional acting abilities.

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