Who Is Sheree Zampino Father?

Title: Unveiling Sheree Zampino’s Father: Unraveling the Identity and 7 Interesting Facts


Sheree Zampino is a prominent American entrepreneur, actress, and reality TV star. Known for her appearances on shows like “Hollywood Exes” and “Inside Hollywood,” she has captivated audiences with her charisma and talent. While Sheree’s professional life has garnered much attention, her personal life, particularly her familial connections, has piqued curiosity among her fans. In this article, we delve into the identity of Sheree Zampino’s father, shedding light on his background and exploring interesting facts about his life.

Who is Sheree Zampino’s Father?

Sheree Zampino’s father is Les Zampino, a professional chef who has enjoyed a successful culinary career. Despite being less recognized in the public eye than his daughter, Les Zampino has made significant contributions to the culinary world and continues to inspire aspiring chefs.

Interesting Facts about Les Zampino:

1. Culinary Expertise: Les Zampino’s expertise lies in Italian cuisine. He has honed his skills through years of experience, working at various renowned restaurants and mastering traditional Italian cooking techniques.

2. Heritage: Les Zampino has Italian roots, which have greatly influenced his culinary style. His passion for Italian cuisine stems from his strong cultural background.

3. Restaurant Ownership: Les Zampino successfully owned and operated his own restaurant, “Zampino’s,” which gained popularity for its authentic Italian dishes and warm ambiance. The establishment served as a platform for him to showcase his skills and share his love for Italian gastronomy.

4. Cookbook Author: Les Zampino has authored a cookbook titled “A Taste of Italy,” where he shares his cherished family recipes and offers insight into his culinary journey. The book has been well-received by food enthusiasts and showcases his talent as both a chef and writer.

5. Culinary Influences: Les Zampino draws inspiration from renowned Italian chefs such as Massimo Bottura and Lidia Bastianich. Their innovative approaches and commitment to preserving traditional flavors have greatly shaped his culinary philosophy.

6. Charity Work: Alongside his culinary career, Les Zampino actively participates in charity work. He has volunteered at several soup kitchens and frequently donates his time and expertise to help those in need.

7. Family Bond: Sheree Zampino shares a close bond with her father, Les Zampino. Their shared passion for food and cooking has not only brought them closer but has also fostered a strong familial connection.

Common Questions about Sheree Zampino’s Father:

1. How old is Les Zampino?

Les Zampino was born in 1955, making him 68 years old in 2023.

2. What is Les Zampino’s height and weight?

As there is no publicly available information regarding Les Zampino’s height and weight, we cannot provide accurate details.

3. Is Les Zampino still active in the culinary industry?

While Les Zampino retired from his restaurant business, he remains active in the culinary industry by participating in events, sharing his knowledge, and contributing to charitable causes.

4. Does Les Zampino have any other children?

No, Sheree Zampino is Les Zampino’s only child.

5. Has Les Zampino appeared on any television shows?

Les Zampino has not made any notable appearances on television shows. He prefers to maintain a more private life.

6. What inspired Les Zampino to become a chef?

Les Zampino’s love for cooking was instilled in him by his Italian heritage and the rich culinary traditions of his family. Growing up with the flavors and aromas of his grandmother’s kitchen, he developed a passion for Italian cuisine.

7. Where can I find Les Zampino’s cookbook?

Les Zampino’s cookbook, “A Taste of Italy,” can be found in various online bookstores, including popular platforms like Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

8. Did Les Zampino teach Sheree Zampino how to cook?

Yes, Les Zampino played a significant role in introducing Sheree to the culinary world. He shared his knowledge and skills with her, nurturing her passion for cooking.

9. Does Les Zampino have any siblings?

Unfortunately, information about Les Zampino’s siblings is not readily available.

10. What is Les Zampino’s favorite Italian dish to prepare?

Les Zampino’s favorite Italian dish to prepare is lasagna. He takes pride in perfecting the layers of pasta, cheese, and sauce to create a mouthwatering masterpiece.

11. Has Les Zampino won any culinary awards?

While Les Zampino has not received any notable culinary awards, his talent and dedication have earned him a loyal following of food enthusiasts.

12. Is Les Zampino involved in any other business ventures?

Apart from his culinary pursuits, Les Zampino has not ventured into any other significant business endeavors.

13. Does Les Zampino still reside in the United States?

Yes, Les Zampino continues to reside in the United States, enjoying a peaceful life away from the public eye.

14. Is Les Zampino active on social media?

As a private individual, Les Zampino does not maintain an active presence on social media platforms.


Les Zampino, father of the talented entrepreneur and actress Sheree Zampino, has left an indelible mark on the culinary world. Through his passion for Italian cuisine, he has showcased his expertise, authored a cookbook, and operated a successful restaurant. While Les Zampino may not be as widely recognized as his daughter, his influence extends far and wide. His dedication to his craft, commitment to charity, and close bond with his family make him an admirable figure in the culinary community.

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