Film Review: Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV

In association with Scotland Loves Anime


To Final Fantasy XV what the Lego Movie is to Lego, Kingsglaive is a feature-length advert for the release of the 15th main instalment in the Final Fantasy series. Ten years in the making, Final Fantasy XV deals with a raven haired man called Noctis who is to be wed to the princess Lunafreya in the hopes of bringing peace between warring kingdoms.

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The Fictionality of Failure – Why Not Succeeding is All a Matter of Perspective

I failed my driving test three times last year and – in the grand scheme of things – it’s not a complete disaster. But as someone who suffers from generalized anxiety and who is also a massive over-thinker, this was a massive hit to my sense of self-worth.  For me, the ability to be independent and do things on my own stems from a childhood insecurity of being told “don’t try anything that’s too taxing”. Whilst said with good intentions, I hate this phrase. It implies that I just shouldn’t bother, because there’s no point as I wouldn’t succeed anyway; the double sting being that this message comes from someone I care about thinking that I am not strong enough as a person to even try.

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Arts Review: Aloud – Halloween Edition

Jim’s Bar (QMU), 24th October  

The Aloud: Halloween Edition poetry session is a small, intimate event with an informal vibe that leaves the performer free to try new things and make some mistakes in a comfortable environment. The set up in the Queen Margaret Union is cosy with soft lighting, making it a great place to grab a drink, sit back listening to some great pieces of art and meet new, like-minded people. The opening rendition of The Raven by famous gothic poet Edgar Allen Poe is a perfect way to set the tone for the themed night, whilst having the audience participate by repeating the word ‘nevermore’ engages them with the event to follow.

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Arts Review: Grain in the Blood

Dir. Orla O’Loughlin, Tron Theatre, 19-29th October

A rural almost-thriller about the morals of ‘for the greater good’, this play philosophises over what is right and what is fair. For my classical heart (Latin Honours hello!), Grain in the Blood sounded like it ticked all the boxes. Drawing on easily recognisable Lorca references and with a considered nod to Greek tragedy, it certainly seems like something I could get extremely excited about. The staging supports these impressions certainly; a use of stark back lighting, minimal props and liberal smoke machines does create an eerie space that is reminiscent of Lorca’s sparse, rural Spain. The focus in the text on the use of verse and the choice to have the character Autumn slip into a trance in recitation is chorus-worthy indeed.

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Misogyny and the American Election: Why Did So Many Women Vote for Trump?

Of the many questions raised by Donald Trump’s election as president last month, a significant number relate to the status and perception of women in America. As well as questions regarding the practical effects of Trump’s presidency on women (particularly with regards to reproductive rights, LGBT+ women and women of colour), there is also the issue of the role misogyny played in the election itself. How was an openly misogynistic and racist man, with numerous sexual assault charges against his name and no prior political experience to speak of, able to defeat a woman who has been described as the most qualified presidential candidate to date? And, furthermore, why did so many – predominantly white – women help him to do so?

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Let’s Talk About… Chlamydia

Before I got diagnosed with Chlamydia, I didn’t even know how to spell it. I went for a sexual health screening with Terrence Higgins just as a routine check, and ended up getting the news a week later. A lot of STIs including Chlamydia can be entirely asymptomatic, meaning you can have them for months or even years and pass them on without realising. You should get checked anytime you have unprotected sex or if anything goes wrong such as a condom breaking, but its good practise to get checked regularly anyway.

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