Immigration – A Divisive Issue by Nature

The last few months in British politics have proven to be nought but a stagnant and shambolic mess. Many of us watched the events unfold over the summer in a state of sheer angst and frustration as the political parties of Westminster re-shuffled the decks and aired all their dirty laundry in the public domain.

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Film Review: Train to Busan


Any good zombie film has to have three components working in perfect synchronicity for it to be a success: a cavalcade of inventive gory deaths, a few salient points on society and the human condition, and a whole lot of people doing stupid and selfish things, which may collapse neatly into the prior component.

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Album Review: Regina Spektor / Remember Us to Life


Regina Spektor’s career could perhaps best be described as twee, if it were possible to remove all judgmental sentiment from the word. Her tendency to eschew indie-pop convention in favour of awkward song patterns and an almost unbearable earnestness continues on her latest album, Remember Us to Life. Like the rest of her discography, the album embraces a whimsical sound that’s saved from the trap of the indie-pop genre by its honesty.

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Warning – Graphic Material

Comics get a bad press, often dismissed as childish alternatives to proper reading material, the reserve of geeks and nerds who pursue escapism through caped crusaders who can shoot slime from their elbows. To be caught in public reading anything with speech bubbles is a great shame, the bearer of the brightly coloured pages assumedly illiterate, if not a little creepy. Ashamed comic aficionados then invented the term “graphic novel” to vindicate themselves from this unfair judgment.

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Film Review: Trolls

Just as we forget the creepy plasticised Troll dolls from our youth, someone have brought them back to the limelight. DreamWorks seems to have come full circle in their latest animated movie, Trolls, returning to their ‘Shrek roots’ and introducing us to a new band of ugly yet adorable characters – whilst also creating a set of toe tapping tunes.

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How Free is Our Free Time?

One of the best parts of starting university is having both the time and the opportunity to try out many different things and learn more about yourself – what you love, what you are good at (not necessarily the same), and what you really, really don’t like. Because it doesn’t matter, this is your time to experiment, and you can switch, back out or take another hobby any time. At least that is how it’s supposed to be.

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Film Review: Pigtails

In association with Scotland Loves Anime


In the three years and counting since Hayao Miyazaki’s retirement, one may be forgiven for believing that the anime film industry has entered something of a dark age. However Pigtails, the directorial debut of Yoshimi Itazu (who himself worked under Miyazaki on the director’s final film, The Wind Rises) proves that this is quite simply not the case. With gentle pacing, gorgeous artwork, and superb choices of music, Itazu crafts a haunting, poignant tale that examines the melancholic nature of a world where objects and people are left to ponder the purpose of their own existence.

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