Film Review: Pete’s Dragon

In association with the Grosvenor


2016 has so far been a promising year for children’s cinema. The new adaptations of the BFG and The Jungle Book were critically acclaimed and rightfully well-received, gently merging live-action and CGI to stylistically depart from their predecessors. Pete’s Dragon is no different.

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Lifestyle: Hugs Are For Mugs

Please don’t hug me. Don’t ask me why – if I don’t feel comfortable enough to hug you, then I’m hardly going to sit you down for an in-depth psychoanalysis as to why – just please keep any physical displays of affection on your side of the invisible barrier between us. I don’t want you to mistake emotional aloofness as intentional bitchiness either – I do like you (probably), it’s just that there are a VERY limited number of people in this world I actually feel comfortable hugging, and, sorry, but you’re most likely not one of them.

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Album Review: Under Our Beds – Consilience


Under our beds there is no monster, but a delightful debut album by the Canadian alternative pop-band Consilience. Or rather, Under Our Beds is this first full-length album. It’s not surprising that all band members have been part of other local or national bands, as their tunes are very sophisticated. Dreamy, mellow sounds create a warm atmosphere where Tracy Hudson’s rich vocals carry us further into the alluring melodies.

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Film Feature: Are we missing the ‘effects’ in special effects?

At the current moment, the film industry is full to the brim with visually impressive CGI, or Computer Generated Imagery. Love it or hate it, CGI has become the dominant medium by which films are produced. The likes of film directors such as Peter Jackson (The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit) and James Cameron (Aliens, Titanic, Avatar) make full use of the vast resources and skill-sets available today, pushing the visual boundaries of film to create senses of space or motion which would otherwise not be possible. The beginnings of mainstream motion capture in the late nineties (Jar Jar Binks anyone?) introduced a whole new horizon of opportunities for character portrayal by directors that was too tempting to miss.

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Album Review: Ha, Ha, He – Mourn


The first song on this album is one of the best due to its lack of vocals. Mourn claim to be inspired by the Ramones but in fact sound more like Blood Red Shoes, even Tuff Love but something about their vocals doesn’t sound right and causes most of the songs to sound so similar it’s hard to distinguish them.

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Lifestyle: Your Breasts are the Best

If you have breasts, you’ve probably got some things you wish you could change about them. If not, that’s amazing! Everyone should be like you and love their boobs. Every single person has a different body shape, and that goes for boobs as well. There is no one else in the world with the exact same boobs as yours, which is a pretty amazing. So, I say embrace it, though I know this can be difficult.

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Arts Review: Earthquakes in London

Dir. Mark Thomson, Tron Theatre, 2 – 4 June 2016

As soon as I sat down in the Tron Theatre, a lovely lady sitting next to me started chatting to me about the amazing look of the stage. Between the solidity and permanence of an enormous backdrop covered in a 3D patchwork of everyday London objects, and the more fragmented, fleeting effect of moving pieces of furniture, the perfect environment was created to present the story of Sarah, Freya and Jasmin. Three sisters who struggle in the midst of shards of their everyday life, never having anywhere to truly belong.

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