Next Steps?

An adventure in embracing reality and leaving (being brutally kicked out of) the university nest.

Summer 2016. Glasgow has actually delivered more than three days of good, solid vitamin D exposure this year; I can now replace worrying about getting rickets this winter semester with anxiety about transitioning into my fourth and final year of university. Looming in the future mists of 2017 is this dark, forbidding entity that people refer to as ‘the real world’. It lurks beyond the walls of the cushy Glasgow University bubble, omnipresent and shapeless. Recently, it has also started haunting my dreams on a semi-regular basis.

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Glesga’s Gold: Joe Gardner

Maybe there’s something magically inspiring about the River Clyde, or is it simply the cider served in Glaswegian pubs. Any way, Glasgow is buzzing with young up-and-coming artists creating incredible things, either on stage or on fabric, with words or with paint. Every month or so we’ll chat with a Glasgow-based artist to see what they’re up to. Today: Joe Gardner, a comedian who also appears on radio and television sometimes. “People picking out moments and jokes they like after a gig is really good.”

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Film Review: The BFG

In association with the Grosvenor


When I was very young, my mum gave me a heap of Roald Dahl stories to read. The old favourites are still there: Matilda; Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; George’s Marvellous Medicine.

But there was one more I always went back to, a book originally belonging to my granddad. It lay there, a yellow dog-eared paperback, a story of dreams and London and loneliness and Giant Country: The BFG.

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Arts Review: The Mousetrap

Dir. Ian Watt-Smith, Theatre Royal, 12th – 17th September

A murder has been committed. A voice on the radio describes the circumstances, and asks listeners to look out for a man wearing a dark overcoat and felt hat. A man wearing that exact outfit darts into the room, and hides a parcel. A sense of knowing expectation descends upon the audience.

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From Monday’s Freshers’ Zine: Freshers’ Week Horoscopes

Our resident fortune teller Mystic Queen Mags is here to give you an insight into your week ahead, and let you know what Freshers’ Week has in store for you. Remember, the stars never lie…

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