Why Trump’s Missile Launch is Hugely Significant for International Relations

The US launched a missile strike on Shayrat airfield in Syria at the beginning of April in a move that gained a lot of media attention, and may have indicated a shift in US foreign policy. In the confusion of allegiances, motives, and contradictions, the six-year war in Syria remains highly complicated, and this has only been exacerbated by President Trump’s recent foray into warfare. The POTUS previously had emphasised his isolationist position, and opposed action when President Obama was faced with a similar situation in 2013. A week later, Trump also authorised the largest non-nuclear bomb ever to be used in combat against ISIS fighters in Afghanistan, potentially signalling an abrupt change from an inward-looking US to its having interventionist foreign policy.

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Where Are All The Women (and Vowels)?

TRNSMT Line-up Revealed

Late in 2016, it was announced that iconic Scottish music festival T in the Park was set to take a break in 2017 – the festival’s first since its inception in 1994 – instead was being replaced by a non-camping festival scheduled to take place on Glasgow Green. Last week saw the first hint of new festival TRNSMT’s identity, with the revelation of headliners, which include Radiohead, Kasabian and Biffy Clyro. The line-up also boasts popular bands such as Two Door Cinema Club, Catfish and the Bottlemen, and Circa Waves. As great as it is to see less X Factor finalists and more talented rock and indie acts, there’s one important point to be made about the line-up. Where are all the women?

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Don’t Do The Crime If You Can’t… Read The Lines?

Judge in Virginia sentences teenagers to read twelve novels following racist graffiti.

In an unusual case in Virginia last month, five boys aged sixteen and seventeen were sentenced to a year of reading novels and watching films about racism- a response to their vandalism of Ashburn Coloured School in Virginia. The boys covered the building, formerly a school for the community’s African-American children, in swastikas, obscenities, and the phrase “white power”. The unusual sentence was the brain-child of county prosecutor, Alex Rueda. Inspired by her own experience of education through wide reading (her mother was a librarian), Rueda believes that once the boys understand the messages that their symbols and slogans send, they will not reoffend, and perhaps even educate others.

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No (Apologies For) Homo(sexuals)

UK government hypocrisy on LGBT rights

Recently, the government has issued pardons for gay men persecuted on the grounds of their homosexuality in Britain. Whilst it is clearly too little too late, the pardons nonetheless represent a milestone, as the government admits its past wrongdoings. Nonetheless, they have been met with extensive criticism regarding both the implications of the word ‘pardon’ and the hypocrisy they seem to resemble in the government’s current stance on homosexual refugees.

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